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Memory is a tricky thing… Sometimes reliable and sometimes not so much. In some cases, however, there’s a moment in our lives that for some reason or other sticks with us, we might remember it differently than what happened but for us, that moment changed something within.


For Gilo that moment started happening when he was around four years old and he would lock himself up in the bathroom to draw for hours on end. So much so that when his parents would wake up in the morning he would still be there, drawing.


As time went on, he realized that art was a way for him to express things that otherwise would be left unsaid and that for him, mattered.


Starting the process of learning the basics and perfecting his craft he passed through several teachers. Eventually continuing with his education during college in Guadalajara; Jalisco where he specialized in architecture.


In 2008 he then studies portraits and realism and experiments with various techniques which he started applying to his following exhibitions both in Mexico and the USA. 


In 2016 Gilo moves to Baja and since then he has been working on spaces, mixing two of his big passions: architecture and art. Gilo has been transforming and giving a life of its own to numerous spaces.


Mixing abstractions with hyper-realistic techniques has become a habit for Gilo. Working both with extremely delicate details and rugged strokes to create complex pieces.

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